Wisconsin Foodie is a weekly Emmy-nominated television program dedicated to educating, entertaining and connecting the community to the engaging stories and people behind their food.

Each show dives into Wisconsin’s unique culinary world –profiling local food treasures and highlighting the passionate and hardworking individuals responsible for the burgeoning “Good Food Movement”. Wisconsin Foodie artfully blends food, cooking and travel while showcasing local businesses, restaurants, purveyors and farmers – telling their story and helping to promote a local, sustainable economy.

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The Crew

Arthur Ircink

Creator | Executive Producer

Twitter: @ArthurIrcink

Arthur Ircink, the man behind the scenes at Wisconsin Foodie. From shooting and editing to underwriting and social media, Arthur is responsible for what you see on TVand Online. With a bit a nativity, hard work, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit the concept for Wisconsin Foodie was inked on a bar napkin in late 2007. The hope was to capture the enthusiasm of national food shows and create a show that was all about the rich “local”food stories from Wisconsin. By promoting local tv and local food, Wisconsin Foodie connects its viewers with the amazing food stories from their own backyards, hoping to encourage not only eating more local and fresh foods but also supporting a local economy.

Arthur has been working on his craft as a Filmmaker and Entrepreneur for over 10 years and has a constant drive to better himself and his art. Other notable projects, he Produced and Edited the feature documentary “The Super Noble Brothers” which screened at many Film Festivals around the country. He is also currently working on two feature documentaries, one about the American Cheese movement and another about the Olympic dreams of Boxer Israel “Shorty” Acosta.

Kyle Cherek


Twitter: @KyleCherek

Kyle Cherek is Host of Wisconsin Foodie, currently broadcast across the Midwest through Wisconsin Public Television. He Has been featured on the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars”. Cherek is a frequent contributor to M Magazine’s print and online issues with his column/commentary, and regularly hosts culinary events, such as Kohler Food and Wine among others.

Kyle has been sitting up and taking nourishment since the Ford Administration. He is a born-and-bred Wisconsinite and sees the state as an amazing place full of history,craftsmanship, and artisanal dispositions, all of which are continually pushing culinary and sustainability trends forward. Kyle’s efforts to uncover the unique, the acutely regional or the un-sung are never-ending.

His first true foodie experience was during the summer of 2000 when a friendship with highly lauded local chef exposed him to exceptional ingredients, the alchemy that food and friends can have on life, and cooking for the sheer pleasure of it. When not appearing on Wisconsin Foodie, he is busy relishing the city in which he resides(Milwaukee), combing farmers’ markets, or patiently waiting for the chance to say,”Let’s look at the desert menu, shall we?”

Heather Harrison

Underwriting Manager

Heather grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and after high school she attended UW Milwaukee then finished up at Indiana University with a BA in Telecommunications.  She studied Radio /TV production, with a minor in biology thinking she might do wildlife documentaries or something innovative like Errol Morris .  Instead, after a brief stint at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN, she married a chef from Italy, had two children and sold life insurance like nobody’s business.

Along the way she learned to cook and appreciate local fresh ingredients, became educated about wine, sought restaurants of high quality, and developed a passion for fine cuisine and wine.  She moved back to Wisconsin five years ago and settled in Whitefish Bay with her children and reluctantly continued in the insurance business. She created a small side business of taking people to Wisconsin wineries  to enjoy the bounty of Wisconsin grapes at the source of production.

When Heather saw Wisconsin Foodie for the first time on PBS, she was amazed and inspired, by the creative vision, the thoughtful subject matter, the character of the Wisconsin people featured, and the original style of the show.  She knew her days of selling life insurance were over, and has been a welcome addition to Wisconsin Foodie to find companies to assist with underwriting the show.


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