Trixie’s & Discourse Coffee

We visit Door County for coffee at Discourse in Sister bay and Lunch at Trixie’s in Ephraim.

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie with a trip to Door Country to see a pair of newcomers to the peninsula! First, we start off our morning with a creative take on a cup of coffee at Discourse in Sister Bay. Ryan Castelaz guides us through his philosophy of telling stories through his liquid workshop. If all that sounds too adventurous, they can still make you a dang good cup of coffee. Afterwards, we venture to Trixie’s in Ephraim. After getting her start at Wickman House, Sarah Holmes opened up Trixie’s to bring a femine touch to the culinary landscape of Door County. Ephraim recently discarded it’s dry county status and Trixie’s is taking full advantage by creating a stellar wine list that focuses on female wine makers. With a wide array of locally sourced food prepared by Chef Matt Chambas, Trixie’s is sure to delight anyone that sets foot in her doors.




Director: Arthur Ircink
Executive Producer: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek
Camera: Dan Peters, Arthur Ircink
Lead Editor: Ryan Sarnowski
Editor: Nelson Schneider
Colorist: Nick Eason

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