On the season finale of Wisconsin Foodie, we visit Schreiner’s Restaurant, Bay View Packing company, and close it out with Wolski’s.

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On the season finale of Wisconsin Foodie, we’re exploring some Wisconsin legacies with businesses that have stayed with their traditions for decades. We start in Fond Du Lac at Schreiner’s Restaurant, a diner staple in Wisconsin since 1938. Many of the employees at Schreiner’s have worked there for decades, and where you can work there for fifteen years and still be referred to as “the new guy”. Since it’s inception, Schreiner’s has become well known for their chowder, their pies, as well as a warm friendly atmosphere where the staff has built a close relationship with their returning customers. In 1992, Bernard Schreiner decided to retire and sell the restaurant to long time manager, Paul Cunningham. Paul started working at Schreiner’s as a bus boy and slowly worked up the ladder over the years to eventually become the owner. He takes us through their kitchen and sits down for breakfast and discusses how Schreiner’s has evolved over the years while maintaining the style and traditions that made them such a landmark in the first place.



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Then, we visit Bay View Packing in Milwaukee, WI. Bay View Packing has been owned and operated by the Liebner family since 1923. Currently run by Reinhart Liebner, he is the fourth generation with his son, Eric, primed to take up the mantle after his father retires. Bay View Packing specializes in pickled products, everything from sausages to turkey gizzards. Reinhart leads us through their pickling process and shows Kyle how to pack pork hocks. Then we travel to a Milwaukee landmark for a taste test, we close out our season at Wolski’s tavern. Wolski’s is also a fourth generation business with Bernard Wolski at the helm, and well known for their “I Closed Wolski’s” bumper stickers. So join us as we open Wolski’s and close this season of Wisconsin Foodie



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Schreiner’s Restaurant


Bay View Packing


Wolski’s Tavern

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