Fondy Farm Feast | Edible Madison Dinner Service

Full Episode – We visit a pair of farm dinners. First, the Fondy Farm Feast with the Fondy Food Center. Then, we head to Edible Madison’s Dinner Service!



In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we focus on the art of the Farm Dinner. First we travel to the Fondy Farm in Port Washington to meet up with Young Kim and a roster of Milwaukee’s best chefs for a 6 course meal utilizing food from the farm and that celebrates the farmers responsible for the food. Then we travel west to past Madison to Primrose CSA farm were Edible Madison is hosting a dinner prepared by Chef Tory Miller and Portland Chef Naomi Pomeroy of “BEAST”. The dinner’s goal is to celebrate the food movement of Southern Wisconsin, shine a national spotlight on our distinct culinary region and raise funds to teach kids vital life skills: how to grow and cook good, nutritious food.


Fondy Food Center



Edible Madison

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