Clock Shadow Creamery

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we visit Milwaukee’s first inner-city cheese factory, Clock Shadow Creamery.

Besides the fresh cheeses made daily, Clock Shadow Creamery also serves as an incubator for upstarts like Martha’s Pimento Cheese and Purple Door Ice Cream. We get a behind the scenes look at how these products are made.

Quick Links:

Clock Shadow Creamery 

Martha’s Pimento Cheese

Purple Door Ice Cream 

Cedar Grove Cheese


Produced in Association with: Wisconsin Public Television & Library Films
Director | Producer: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek
Cinematographers: Arthur Ircink,
Editors: Arthur Ircink, Amanda Griffin, Jim Schenoecker
Music: Allen Cote, Django Reinhardt


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WMMB - Rotational AD
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