Brightonwoods Orchard

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we travel to Burlington WI to visit Brightonwoods Orchard and get a tour from owner and ex-president of the apple growers association Bill Stone.

Brighton woods Orchard has over 200 varieties of apples specializing in rare, antique apples that are no longer mainstream but definitely popular with local chefs and foodie in the know.

Brightonwoods Orchard is also home to Aeppel Treow Winery, Aeppel Treow is responsible for some of the best ciders, brandys and whsikeys in the state using mainly fruit from brightonwoods orchard.

Nick and Ira from Bittercube meet up with the owners of Aeppel Treow, Charles and Milissa Mcgonegal to get some insight into their process and finally make a cocktail using Aeppel Treow spirits.

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Brightonwoods Orchard

Aeppel Treow Winery 



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