Pinn-Oak Ridge Lamb Farm

In this episode we visit Pinn-Oak Ridge Lamb Farm, Black Earth Meats and Burger’s and Brew.

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we explore the resurgence of small family farms that are processing their own animals as well as local supported abattoirs. Over the past several decades we have strayed away from small farms raising and processing their own animals while we have replaced it with large processing factories. Today we will meet a couple farmers that are reversing that trend and bringing back small scale meat processing and hear why that is so important. First we meet Steven and Darlyne Pinnow of Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms and get a tour of their facility as well as meet their lambs. Then we meet up with Bartlett Durand of Black Earth Meats to get his philosophy on getting back to once proud tradition. Then finally we visit Burgers and Brew an event put on by REAP food Groups at Capital Brewery. We hear from chefs why places like Pinn-Oak Ridge Lamb is so delicious!


Quick Links:

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms

Black Earth Meats

REAP | Burgers & Brew


Produced in Association with: Wisconsin Public Television & Library Films
Director | Producer: Arthur Ircink
Host | Producer: Kyle Cherek
Cinematographers: Arthur Ircink, Mark Escribano, Spencer Chumbley
Editors: Arthur Ircink, Amanda Griffin
Music: Allen Cote, Django Reinhardt

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