Guerrilla Farmer

Wisconsin Foodie profiles farmer Jonathan Stich of One Guerilla Farmer as he delivers his products to high profile restaurants in Chicago and Milwaukee.

Cinematographer: Arthur Ircink
Editor: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek
Starring: Jonathan Stich, Grant Achatz, Matt Chasseur, Dave Beran, Karen Bell, Jessica Bell

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we profile farmer Jonathan Stich of One Guerrilla Farmer. Jonathan is a new breed of farmer that not only grows heirloom products of his own but sources from the best farmers in his community and brings it directly to restaurants like Alinea and Next in Chicago and La Reve and Cafe at the Plaza in Milwaukee. We follow Jon on one of his routes to Chicago and back meeting his chefs along the way. We also dine on a meal prepared by Chef Karen Bell of Cafe at the Plaza using all of Jon’s bounty.

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