Capital Brewery | Ed Janus | Farm and Sparrow

WIsconsin Foodie meets up with master brewer Kirby Nelson of Capital Brewery to check out their beer making process.

Episode: Capital Brewery | Ed Janus | Farm and Sparrow
Cinematographer: Arthur Ircink & William Wrobleski
Editor: Arthur Ircink & William Wrobleski
Host: Jessica Bell

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie we visit Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI. Brewmaster Kirby Nelson gives us a tour of the brewery and also a glimpse into the process of beer making specifically the Island Wheat brew. Jessica also gets a special tasting of the 25th anniversary beer “Internal Flame”. Later, we profile Ed Janus author of “Creating Dairyland”. Ed is celebrating his book release at Capital Brewery, which he help found, he is joined by cheesemakers Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheese and Jerry and Elise Heimerl of Saxon Creamery. Creating Dairyland is an ode to the dairy industry in Wisconsin. Finally, we view a clip from an upcoming documentary by William Wrobleski titled “The Wheat Movie”. We meet craft baker and Wisconsin native Dave Bauer of Farm and Sparrow Bakery (North Carolina).

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