Saxon Homestead Creamery

Wisconsin Foodie profiles Jerry Heimerl owner of Saxon Homestead Creamery.

Cinematographer: Arthur Ircink & Mark Escribano
Editor: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek
Starring: Jerry Heimel

This fifth generation dairy farm in Cleveland, Wisconsin, treats their animals fairly, holding themselves accountable to their animals’ comfort and well-being. A world class cheese maker crafts a variety of American Original farm cheeses from the milk of Saxon Homestead’s 450-cow dairy herd. Green Fields is a semi-soft, earthy and elegant table cheese. Saxony is a sophisticated cheese with a nutty flavor and supple body, while Pastures is a raw milk cheese, sweet and complex, aged a minimum of 120 days. Big Ed’s is a clean-rind cheese, made from raw milk and aged 120 days, while Meadows is a mountain-style cheese carefully selected from wheels of Pastures, set aside to age a minimum of 275 days.

Saxon Homestead Creamery
855 Hickory Street

Cleveland, WI 53015
Phone: 920-547-4108
Fax: 608-693-8508

Sales Contact:
Jerry Heimerl,


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