Braise Pig Roast | Pinehold Gardens

Wisconsin Foodie visits Pinehold Gardens were Chef David Swanson of Braise is preparing a meal harvested from the land below.

Braise Pig Roast | Pinehold Gardens
Cinematographer: Arthur Ircink & Mark Escribano
Editor: Arthur Ircink
Host: Kyle Cherek
Starring: Chef David Swanson (Braise), David Kozlowski and Sandra Raduenz (Pinehold Gardens)

Pinehold Gardens

1807 East Elm Road
Oak Creek, WI 53154
David Kozlowski and Sandra Raduenz

Pinehold Gardens has a 21 acre farm in the Metropolitan area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 20 minutes from Downtown. Besides serving their CSA members, they sell produce at the South Shore Farmers Market in Bay View and to a few area restaurants. Driven by the taste of their produce they offer many heirloom varieties in addition to time-tested hybrids, grown using sustainable agricultural practices.

Braise | Chef David Swanson

At Braise on the Go they offer one-of-a-kind traveling culinary classes at a variety of locations, including farms, orchards and inns. Enjoy pristine al fresco settings while learning new recipes, techniques, and ideas using the freshest ingredients possible from the local Wisconsin landscape.

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