Foodies rejoice – Wisconsin Foodie is back on television, with a star-studded season line up, featuring celebrity chefs, Olympians and incredible culinary treasures from our great state.

On Saturday, November 29 at 11:30 a.m., the Fall-Winter season of Wisconsin Foodie will begin on Channel 12 WISN-TV in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Foodie has been embraced by some of the area’s top culinary names and businesses, including: The Bartolotta Restaurants, The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Boelter Superstore, Elkhart Lake Tourism Commission, Hale Vision and Outpost Natural Foods.

Hosted by Kyle Cherek and Jessica Bell, each 30-minute episode will showcase a restaurant, chef, farm, or anything that is “Wisconsin Foodie.” The show will also feature a guest chef – preparing a signature dish to share with Foodie viewers. Finally, Jessica – the show’s wine expert – will take us through the ins and outs of selecting a perfect wine – enhancing the weekly recipe as well as your home wine collection.

“This is a show that gives back to the people of our great state, showing them what’s in their backyard while promoting and supporting our local economy,” said Arthur Ircink, Executive Producer and Creator. “There is no program in Wisconsin that focuses on one of our state’s greatest assets – food – and I strive to deliver the most innovative, national-style program to our area week after week.”

The first season is nothing short of star-studded. Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming episodes:


An important extension of the show will be Wisconsin Foodie’s Web site set to debut later in the season (www.wisconsinfoodie.com). One exciting concept will be the Foodie Wine Club. Foodies can go to the Web site and sign-up to participate. Here’s how it works: subscribers will get a package of wines that will be featured on the following week’s show. During Jessica’s wine segment, viewers can actually sip and taste the wine she is describing, giving them not only a visual experience of simply watching the show, but total involvement of the senses. So, they can experience the essence of the wines she is describing while watching.

“The Foodie Wine Club will give viewers the opportunity to have their very own private wine tasting session, while sitting in their PJ’s in the comfort of their own home,” said Bell. “What better way to kick-off the weekend!”

Foodie is also planning to launch the first-ever online video restaurant guide. The vision for this guide is to give Web site visitors a first-hand look at a given restaurant beyond the traditional print-style review. This guide will not only provide all of the traditional information about a restaurant (attire, cost, menu), it will feature a given restaurant via video to really bring it to life. Finally, the latest news and information about the show, upcoming episodes and culinary blogs will be featured.

“Wisconsin has always been a state of self-starters with an intense emphasis on quality.  When traveling the state for filming – we kept having that echoed back to us by the growers, chefs and the amazing artisanal resources we found,” said Cherek. “Everyone was doing it for the love of the craft and the foodie scene – not for the for spotlight.  That was very gratifying to learn.”

About Wisconsin Foodie

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Foodie is a locally produced food and travel show that features all that is Wisconsin. The goal of Wisconsin Foodie is to educate, entertain and connect Wisconsinites to their food. Each show dives into Wisconsin’s culinary world – profiling local food treasures and unique travel destinations. Wisconsin Foodie artfully blends all three show facets (food, cooking and travel) to create a national-style program, yet completely local and all about Wisconsin. eMail Nada Stojadinovic at nada@wisconsinfoodie.com for more information.

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